Our Expertise & Experience: Your Strategic Advantage

NIFDAR has a team of highly experienced experts with diverse backgrounds and skill sets in public health strategy and management consulting. Our team includes epidemiologists, biostatisticians, health economists, health systems experts, project managers and IT specialists. We have worked on various public health projects and partnerships with clients in the public and private sectors.

We have extensive experience in designing, implementing and evaluating public health programmes in resource-limited settings and in rich settings, with a focus on HIV, TB and other infectious diseases. As a result, we have a deep understanding of the social, economic and political factors that affect the implementation and sustainability of public health programmes. We work closely with our clients to address these challenges.

At NIFDAR, we believe in collaborative partnerships with our clients. We work closely with them to understand their unique needs and develop tailored solutions that address their specific challenges. Our team provides hands-on support throughout the project lifecycle – from project design to implementation and evaluation. This ensures that our clients achieve their public health goals.

We are proud to have partnered with various clients on successful public health projects, including HIV prevention and treatment programmes, TB control initiatives and disease surveillance systems. Our clients trust us to provide innovative solutions and expertise that help them improve health outcomes in their communities.

NIFDAR has a team of dedicated experts who work closely with clients to achieve their public health goals. We provide innovative solutions that are tailored to our clients’ needs with a focus on sustainability and impact.

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NIFDAR has had successful partnerships with a range of clients in South Africa, including:

  1. Donor-funded programmes: NIFDAR has partnered with several donor-funded programmes in South Africa, such as the US President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) and the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. Through these partnerships, NIFDAR has provided technical assistance and support to improve the effectiveness and sustainability of HIV/AIDS and TB prevention and treatment programmes.
  2. Capacity Building: NIFDAR has also provided capacity-building support to several partners to strengthen their public health programmes. For example, NIFDAR worked with a department of health in South Africa to strengthen its TB programme. This involved conducting a gap analysis, providing technical assistance to address the gaps and developing a capacity-building plan. The capacity-building plan included training on TB case finding, contact tracing, treatment adherence, among other areas. The programme has since been successful in improving the quality of TB services in the region.
  3. Strategic Advisory Services: NIFDAR has provided strategic advisory services, public health intelligence services and data analytics to several clients in the public health sector. NIFDAR has also worked with partners to develop turnaround strategies for struggling public health programmes and conducted AI readiness assessments to prepare clients for the implementation of AI technologies. Recently, NIFDAR has also provided implementation advisory services to implement AI-aided digital X-rays to improve TB diagnosis in a South African province.
  4. Proposal Writings: NIFDAR has worked with implementing partners such as the Department of Health and donor-funded organizations to develop winning proposals for funding to support HIV and TB programmes. In addition, NIFDAR has provided technical support to these partners to develop high-quality proposals that are evidence-based and aligned with the latest global and national guidelines.
  5. Capacity Building and Turnaround Strategy: NIFDAR has worked with implementing partners to build their capacity in areas such as programme management, monitoring and evaluation, and financial management. For example, NIFDAR provided technical assistance to a large non-governmental organisation to help them implement a turnaround strategy that resulted in improved financial management, strengthened programme delivery and increased impact on HIV and TB services.
  6. Public Health Intelligence Services and Data Analytics: NIFDAR has worked with implementing partners to provide public health intelligence services and data analytics to support decision-making in HIV and TB programmes. For example, NIFDAR has worked with a large non-governmental organisation to analyse data on the coverage and quality of HIV and TB services in South Africa and to develop strategies to improve service delivery and access.
  7. AI Readiness Assessment: NIFDAR has worked with implementing partners to assess their readiness to implement AI technologies in their HIV and TB programs. For example, NIFDAR conducted an AI readiness assessment for two implementing partners to identify areas where AI technologies could be used to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of HIV and TB service delivery.
  8. Multistakeholder Beneficiary Survey: NIFDAR has worked with implementing partners to conduct multistakeholder beneficiary surveys to understand the perspectives and experiences of people living with HIV and TB and to use this information to improve service delivery. For example, NIFDAR conducted a multistakeholder beneficiary survey for three donor-funded organisations to identify areas where their HIV and TB programmes could be improved to better meet the needs of the communities they serve.
NIFDAR recognises the importance of utilising technology and innovation in enhancing its consulting services. We understand that technology has revolutionised the healthcare industry and that the application of innovative solutions can improve the quality of healthcare delivery, reduce costs and improve outcomes. To this end, NIFDAR has invested heavily in technology and innovation to provide the best services to our clients.

Our team of experts utilises cutting-edge technologies and innovation to optimise our consulting services. We use advanced analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence and other innovative technologies to analyse data and generate insights that enable our clients to make informed decisions. In addition, our digital tools and platforms are designed to enhance communication and collaboration among stakeholders, thereby promoting effective implementation of health programmes.

NIFDAR has also developed an AI readiness assessment tool that assesses the readiness of health facilities to implement AI-aided digital X-rays. This tool is instrumental in ensuring that our clients are ready to adopt and implement AI-aided X-rays, which have proven to be more accurate and efficient in diagnosing TB and other respiratory diseases.

  • Digital Health: NIFDAR recognises the potential of digital health to transform healthcare delivery, particularly in low-resource settings. We work with clients to develop and implement digital health solutions that can improve patient outcomes, increase efficiency and enhance the overall quality of care. For example, we provide implementation advisory services to help healthcare facilities adopt digital X-ray technologies powered by AI algorithms for improved accuracy and speed.
  • Mobile Health: NIFDAR leverages mobile health technologies to increase access to healthcare services and engage with communities in innovative ways. We use mobile apps and messaging platforms to provide health education, support patient self-management and facilitate remote monitoring. For example, we have developed mobile tools that allow healthcare workers to track TB cases and report data in real-time, improving programme monitoring and evaluation.
  • Data Analytics: NIFDAR utilises data analytics to extract insights from complex datasets and develop evidence-based strategies. We use tools like Tableau and Power BI to visualise data and identify trends, and we provide customised dashboards to our clients to monitor programme performance. For example, we have conducted public health intelligence services for clients using data analytics to identify hotspots of HIV and TB and thereby recommended targeted interventions to reduce disease burden.
  • Innovation: NIFDAR recognises the importance of innovation in solving complex public health challenges. We work with clients to develop and test new approaches and partner with academic institutions and private sector organisations to bring cutting-edge technologies and ideas to our clients. For example, we have worked with implementing partners to establish a multi-stakeholder TB control board, which brings together key stakeholders to coordinate efforts and develop innovative solutions to improve TB control.

We are proud to have worked with a diverse range of clients and partners and we look forward to building new partnerships in the future.

Clients and Partners

NIFDAR has established partnerships and worked with a variety of clients across different sectors and industries. Our clients include government agencies, non-governmental organisations, private sector companies, academic institutions, and community-based organisations. We believe that partnerships are essential to achieving our mission and vision of improving public health outcomes. Therefore, we are committed to working collaboratively with our clients to achieve their goals.

We have worked with PEPFAR, USAID, CDC, and the Global Fund. We provide bespoke public health solutions tailored to your unique challenges.

We value collaboration and partnership building

NIFDAR’s partnerships have led to successful projects in areas such as HIV prevention and treatment, TB control, health systems strengthening and public health research. Our partnerships have also helped us develop innovative solutions and approaches to complex public health challenges. We take pride in the long-lasting relationships we have established with our clients and the impact we have made in the communities we serve.

At NIFDAR, we value collaboration and partnership building. We believe that by working with our clients and partners, we can create a better future for public health. We are committed to listening to our clients’ needs, understanding their challenges and working with them to develop tailored solutions that meet their unique needs. Our approach is client-centred, and we strive to provide high-quality services that are responsive to our clients’ changing needs.

We are proud to have worked with a diverse range of clients and partners and we look forward to building new partnerships in the future. Whether we are working with a large government agency or a community-based organisation, our commitment to improving public health outcomes remains the same. At NIFDAR, we are dedicated to making a positive difference in the world, one project at a time.

Testimonials and Success Stories

At NIFDAR, we are committed to delivering high-quality public health consulting services to our clients. Our team of experts work tirelessly to understand our clients’ needs and develop customised solutions to achieve their public health goals. Our focus on innovation, technology and partnerships has enabled us to deliver successful projects and achieve impactful outcomes for our clients.

Working with NIFDAR has been a game-changer for our organisation. Their expertise in capacity building and strategic advisory services has helped us improve our programme management and delivery. We have seen a significant improvement in our TB and HIV programmes, and we are grateful for NIFDAR’s partnership.

NGO implementing HIV/AIDS donor-funded programmes in South Africa

NIFDAR’s data analytics and public health intelligence services have provided us with valuable insights into our health systems. Their recommendations have enabled us to improve our resource allocation and optimise our operations, resulting in improved health outcomes for our beneficiaries.

TB implementing partner in South Africa

We approached NIFDAR to help us with our AI readiness assessment and implementation advisory for AI-aided digital X-rays. Their team of experts provided us with comprehensive guidance on technology, data governance, ethical considerations and aspects on risk management. We are now well-equipped to deploy AI solutions to improve our health systems.

Private healthcare provider in South Africa

We are proud of our successful partnerships and the positive impact we have made on public health in South Africa. At NIFDAR, we are committed to continue to deliver innovative and impactful solutions to our clients.

Social Impact

NIFDAR is committed to making a positive social impact and improving public health outcomes. We believe that our work should not only benefit our clients but also contribute to the broader social good. This commitment to social impact is at the core of our company’s values and informs every consulting project we undertake.

We recognise that public health challenges can disproportionately affect vulnerable populations and strive to ensure that our work addresses these disparities. For example, we have worked with clients in underserved communities to develop and implement effective HIV and TB programmes that prioritise equity and access.

We believe in social impact and business success

In addition, NIFDAR has a long history of collaborating with non-profit organisations and other stakeholders to drive positive social change. We are proud to have worked with a range of organisations dedicated to advancing public health, including community-based organisations, government agencies and international development organisations.

At NIFDAR, we believe that social impact and business success are not mutually exclusive. By prioritising social impact in our consulting work, we are able to drive meaningful change while also helping our clients achieve their goals and grow their businesses.

NIFDAR is committed to making a positive social impact in South Africa by providing high-quality consulting services that help address public health challenges and improve healthcare outcomes for communities. As a public health strategy and management consulting company, NIFDAR is dedicated to supporting the South African government and its partners in implementing effective HIV, TB and infectious diseases services.

Through our work with implementing partners, we have helped establish multi-stakeholder TB control boards, developed successful proposals for donor-funded programmes and provided capacity building and turnaround strategies for healthcare facilities. We have also provided strategic advisory services, public health intelligence services, data analytics and AI readiness assessments to help our clients make informed decisions and achieve their public health goals.

At NIFDAR, we believe in the power of collaboration and innovation to drive positive change in public health. We are proud to work alongside our clients and partners in South Africa to create sustainable solutions and make a lasting impact on communities.

NIFDAR is committed to making a positive impact on public health and the communities in which we work. Through our consulting services, we have contributed to the achievement of various public health goals, including the reduction of HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and other infectious diseases.

One example of a project that positively impacted communities was our partnership with a local government agency in South Africa to establish a multi-stakeholder TB control board. This project aimed to improve the coordination and effectiveness of TB control efforts in the region, ultimately leading to a decrease in the incidence of TB.

Overall, NIFDAR’s commitment to social impact and public health has been demonstrated through our successful projects and partnerships with clients. We will continue to work towards improving public health outcomes and making a positive impact on communities.